About Me

Ana M. Ramos (she/her/ella) is a passionate advocate and educator in the field of comprehensive,  consent-based, and gender-inclusive sex education. As the creator of @familia.sextalks, she  has taken a bilingual approach, serving both Spanish and English-speaking communities. Ana  holds a certification as a Sexual Health Educator from the Responsible Sex Education Institute of  Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. 

Ana’s dedication lies in guiding kids of all genders and their trusted adults through important topics such as sexuality, puberty, and consent. Drawing from her own experiences as a parent,  in her workshops she employs storytelling techniques for younger learners and engaging activities for tweens and teens. Ana ensures a safe and trauma-informed learning  environment for all participants. 

Her overarching mission aims to dismantle the cultural stigma around sex, particularly within Hispanic communities. By fostering a safe space for adults and youth alike, she breaks down barriers to accurate information. 

Currently, she facilitates Consent Talks for Littles, a workshop designed for kids ages 4 to 8 along with a parent or caregiver, where everyone will leave with a better understanding of what is consent, how to practice, and what to do in unsafe situations. Ana also facilitates a workshop called Puberty Talks for Kids, which explores the body changes that happen during puberty. It is aimed for kids ages 9 to 12.